Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming. Which tells you everything you need to know about it. I personally think it's completely awesome. And I don't think the Child Catcher bit was a coincidence. » 12/12/11 1:04pm 12/12/11 1:04pm

Um, has your sister tried a supermarket? There are at least three national chains I can think of offhand and lots more regional ones and all white foreign women will be happy to know everyone pays the same price at these shops. » 12/06/11 1:34pm 12/06/11 1:34pm

@BowlingForDollars That's the exact same memory that flashed in my mind. She was so delighted that night and so genuine, esp in comparison to the rest of her peers. No pretense, just pure talent. I guess I'm just so used to everyone running off to rehab these days and coming out just the same to do the same thing over… » 7/23/11 2:58pm 7/23/11 2:58pm

It's true that a lot of people won't respond unless they have something to lose personally, but photos can be pretty shocking. Just check out the comments on the OBL compound carnage thread. People are shocked and disgusted that such photos would even exist and that Gawker would link to them... apparently it's one… » 5/05/11 2:17am 5/05/11 2:17am

That's right, only socialists ever use the term "spread the wealth". It's not a common term of speech or anything. In fact, it's the catchphrase of that dreaded terror of the modern world, The Bit Socialist. » 3/29/11 10:38am 3/29/11 10:38am

I guess nobody told Palin the India Today Conclave is sponsored by the India Today group... a publication house with several magazines and television channels. Facepalm. » 3/19/11 3:18am 3/19/11 3:18am